NEWS - 06/04/06

Well, it's here....

The album 'Oscillator Music' is now available to purchase. Be quick if you want to recieve your cd from the first batch of CDs, as these will begin to be shipped on the 11th April! Once these are sold out, there will be a short delay before the next batch of CDs are availbe... But don't worry, there are plenty to go around!

Take care, and thanks for visitng!

Posted By Paques

NEWS - 25/03/06

As the 6th April looms, i'd like to thank everyone for their undying support for this new CD. We have recieved a number of requests for taster tracks to download. Two high-quality tracks are available on our beatmaka page at

Happy Listening!

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 11/03/06

The new CD is finshed. It is entitled 'Oscillator Music', and will be released on Thursday 6th April. The price will be £3.00 from us directly, or £4.50 over the net.

Also, sorry about the bit of server downtime recently. Things should be better again now. Also, the forum is now finished, please post and help the A.W.A.L. communtiy grow.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 05/02/06

The album is steadily increasing in size, and i'd say around half of it is finished. Got a bit more to work on... we are aiming for an easter release date with any luck!

Again, thanks to everyone visiting the site!

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 26/01/06

Wow! it's been ages since my last post here. A lot has been going on within and outside of A.W.A.L. as of recent. The new CD is moving along smoothly. With any luck it will be available for download from the iTunes Music Store. As soon as the material is finished, it will be available. As usual your support is desperately needed if we are to succeed.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 14/11/05

The Modal EP is finished, and is available as a CD and a Podcast. More information to the left of the screen.

We have also released a new song on Beatmaka off the new EP. We don't know how it'll fare amongst the site-goers, but go and give it a review of you can make it over there.

Posted By Paques

NEWS - 19/10/05

Hey everyone, thanks to you for visiting the site for updates, it's all been a bit quiet recently. Progress on the new EP is steady, and we finished a remix today for the Rusty Sheriff which is a bit extreme, but we like it! We will upload that soon.

Also, added a forum to the site (reach it in the navbar at the top). it's a bit shit... and so is the coding... but i'll work on it when I have more time. Thanks to everyone for posting on it!

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 25/09/05

The album is slowly progressing, got a new song finished today. Also putting the finishing touches to a remix, and I am mastering some new tracks for the new EP. The album is about halfway complete, so look for a release date somwhere around Spring next year.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 05/09/05

Updated the site design a bit, thought it needed a freshen up. Paques is on holiday at the moment but when he returns we will be finishing off some more tracks. We also have another remix of 'Bored Of Canada' coming up soon.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 28/08/05

The gig went well, got a few copies of the EP out and made some new A.W.A.L. friends. Album progress is steadily developing, and we are looking to get it professionally pressed. We are hoping to get it out in late 2005/early 2006.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 20/08/05

We're performing at a gig at the Portsmouth Student Union next Friday, the 26th August. For information and tickets, email me. Unfotunately we are not going to have live drums due to circumstances beyond our control but it should still be a good show.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 13/08/05

(Love In The) First Degree Burns (off of the new EP) is doing well in the charts. Its in at number 10, and you never know, it might rise. Check out the artist page here.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 30/07/05

Progress on the album is going well, we have a few tracks which will probably appear on it. The plan is to do quite a few songs, and pick the best ones for the album. We are also looking to invest in some new hardware to allow us to perform a good live set. Keep 'em peeled for more info soon.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 21/06/05

Just a quick update: We are working on a live set so we have something planned for those live events... Currently working with a few live musicians, which we hope to bring to the stage.


NEWS - 14/06/05

The Rustiest of All, the great Rusty Sheriff, has remixed 'Bored Of Canada'. Listen to it Here...

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 12/06/05

The EP is now ready for purchase online, off of this very website, for the princely sum of three and a half of our Great British pounds...

[I will stop going on about it now, I promise... - SMG]

Posted By Paques

NEWS - 08/06/05

The EP is finally complete! We have already given out a couple of promo copies, and I am hoping that we will be able to start selling copies in the next fortight or so, if all does well... And for the skinflints among you (whom we still love despite your skavness), we will definately be pricing the EP at no more the £5 (hopefully lower) including P&P. Thanks for your help so far guys and gals :-)

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 06/06/05

Added a forum to the website. I don't expect it to be very popular but it serves as a good communication portal between us and you, our valued visitors ;-). Please register (it doesn't take long) and get posting!

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 04/06/05

Fingers crossed, the final tracklist for the EP is up (it is obviously subject to change), and the final running time looks like it will be around 30 mins. Paques is sorting out all the financial gubbins for the CD, and we hope to be able to sell the CD over the website through PayPal. Also updated the info section with tasty new information and sexy photos ;-).

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 26/05/05

We have been working on some new stuff for the EP. Uploaded a tracklist, something to look forward to ;-). We are still looking good for a June release, so we'll see how it goes...

Posted By Paques

NEWS - 22/05/05

I've sped things up a little bit as far as the EP goes. I have been working on a little artwork, as well as a bit of mastering. I just have to get Paques in the studio over the next couple of weeks to finish a few things off. I would like to promise a mid-June release, but I can't. hopefully, though, it will be.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 16/05/05

We've started work on the new EP, which will probably arrive in a month or so (if all goes smoothly). We already have a few tracks finished, and have a few ideas for the rest of the CD.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 12/05/05

I have added 'Bored of Canada' to the music section. It's an old SMG track I rescued, and fits nicely with the current A.W.A.L mood.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 10/05/05

A new song (the first one on the site, actually) has been uploaded. You can find it in the 'Music' section. Its an untitled song, based a lot around this one riff that I liked. It's still kind of unfinished, it will probably end up getting remixed before it becomes a 'proper' song.

Posted By SMG

NEWS - 08/05/05

The new site is up and running.

The site should be expanding pretty soon, so keep it fixed for more information soon...

Posted By A.W.A.L.